X-mas in Austria at the Weissensee

Who would have ever thought that I would spend a family holiday in the ice cold Austria while I could be in the sun in Cape Town? I certainly didn’t, but I did and I enjoyed! What a beautiful place it is. We had a magical week of 1 meter of snow, blue skies, nights of -13 degrees and lovely lovely food. No sauerkraut, bratwurst and beer (although that can also be very nice), but every night a delicious gourmet dinner with Austrian wines. Austria has great wines as well. They just don’t export them. Another pleasant surprise. Weissensee is not a huge ski resort but it’s great when there are small kids in your party and if you don’t like any cues at the lifts. My brother’s kids had ski class everyday while we had langlauf class. Poeh! Quite tough but nice to learn a new technique again. My parents thoroughly enjoyed the walks along the lake and into the mountains. For the kids it was also great to slay ride. Lots of hot chocolates and pretzels to get from the little kiosks! It really was such an enjoyable and relaxed holiday. A good hotel is hotel Regitnig, owned by the Eder Family. It has 4 stars, a much appreciated Spa, Sauna, bubblebath, etc. And of course the gourmet meals all prepared by the lady of the house Irmgard Eder. We met guests that had been coming there since 10 years! www.hotel-regitnig.at I can recommend to anyone looking for a wonderful place in Techendorf at the Weissensee. If you need a family room, ask for room 28. Beautifully renovated and lots of space for the kids to bring their toys. Oh, they also have a playroom for the kids. They were very accommodating for the children. Meals were served a bit earlier so my brother and his wife could bring them to bed and we could then enjoy our dinner.

Weissensee is very well known to the Dutch ice skating crowd. The end of January the Weissensee hosts the alternative 11 cities ice skating race. I must add, this is only in case The Netherlands don’t have enough cold and no ice skating is possible. So this year is looking very good and all are getting excited already. So the crowds only move to the Weissensee if the 200 km long ice skating race can’t be held in Friesland (north of Holland). The 11 cities race has a 100 year history and even our crown prince, Willem-Alexander, has participated.

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